Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Standard Edition - 2 Core

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SQL Server 2014 enables customers to build mission-critical applications and Big Data solutions using high-performance, in-memory technology across OLTP, data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics workloads without having to buy expensive add-ons or high-end appliances. SQL Server 2014 uses a common set of tools to deploy and manage databases both on-premises and in the cloud, which makes it easier for customers to take advantage of the cloud with existing skills.

As per SQL Licensing policy, A minimum of ' 4 core license ' is required for each physical processor on the server. If your physical processor is 2 Core still you need '4 core license'. If your physical processor is 4 Core then you need '4 core license'. If your physical processor is 6 Core then definitely you need one '4 core license' and one ' 2 core license ' and so on.

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